The API allows client applications to retrieve the underlying data for all the basic elements of the ProQoS sales system including products, categories etc. For ease of development, the API is composed of simple HTTP GET requests. Data is returned to the client in XML, JSON or CSV format. The API is client-language independent and easy to use from PHP, Java, JavaScript, or any other modern development context.


API key

To use the ProQoS SE API, you need to ask ProQoS SE sales system owner to get your unique API key. Once you have this key, you can start making the API calls.

Connection rules

To connect API service you should use this URL https://b2b.hedo-electro.com/api/METHOD.FORMAT
(for example: https://b2b.hedo-electro.com/api/getproducts.json)

Request parameters should be pass as GET request.

If method has the POST params specified - POST request should be used instead.

Testing / Sandbox

Simply add 'test=1' to your query params.

For example: https://b2b.hedo-electro.com/api/api/createSale.json?test=1